Patrick McBride


Patrick McBride


Coralville, IA

Photos by: Ivy Towler

Living in Solon, Iowa has been kind of challenging since it’s

such a small town with not a lot to do. Although, small towns do

have a lot of advantages such as pushing me to talk to more people

and get more involved with the community. Growing up and becoming a

teenager in a small town almost makes time with friends more

personal and really makes you value what you have to do and make

the most of it. Most of my friends and I will make simple things

like driving around on gravel roads, going to lake McBride, walking

on the nature trails, going to the apple orchard and pumpkin

patches way more fun than they seem. As I’ve grown up living in a

small town, I’ve learned to make the best of what you have and you

can always find adventurous things to do.

I have many passions, my biggest one is playing volleyball.

Volleyball has always been more than just a game to me. There is no

better feeling than being able to escape from everything else going

on in your life than by a sport you absolutely love. This sport has

not only given me opportunities to meet amazing people and travel,

but has taught me how to fight for something I want, how to face

challenges, and most importantly taught me how to always get back

up and never give up. I have never been the best volleyball player,

but being one of the weakest ones on a team really gives you the

motivation and makes you fight to become better and see things from

a different view.

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