Patrick McBride


Patrick McBride

Trelon Jones

Jena, LA

Photos by: Laura Beth Bailey


- by Trelon Jones

From the time I was born to a time when I was fourteen, I had the best life. My family was all together and had no serious problems. Some of my favorite memories are horses, playing catch and working of ball skills, laughing and being together.

One day, my father decided to give up on us and go his separate way. I loved him and always will. I'll never disrespect him, but I've been holding onto some feelings for too long now.

Here we go.....

Hey, Dad, you know I'm here

but you refuse to acknowledge your responsibilities

and would rather stay clear.

Mom does what she need to do

to raise her little man

by taking on both roles and grinding hard as she can...

...and Dad without you, I'll still become a better man.

Later on in life, Dad,

don't come back into that life once you think the light is bright

because Momma did it all and raised me right.

So, Dad, I love you,

but you gotta keep it moving,

because GOD gave me my momma who never gives up

she's truly an amazing woman."

My passion is to be good at whatever I do. I want to fly even though there are no wings attached to my back. I want to fall and rise and learn from mistakes. I want to learn all I can and master things quickly. I want to especially amaze myself with creativity before amazing anyone else. I see myself making a change in the world. I see myself accomplishing things people only dream of. I see myself giving other people the chance to live life how it should be lived….how it can be lived. In the future I see myself married with beautiful kids. I see myself playing professional ball. My, “fall-back” will be pursuing my dreams through architecture. My motivation is my mom’s hard work. My motivation is seeing her struggle to make sure we have the best and the bills are paid.

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