Patrick McBride


Patrick McBride


The Woodlands, TX

Photos by: Seeley Casey

Parker Greer, my boyfriend 

We’ve been dating for almost three years. We met at church camp in Florida.

Fishing has always been a part  of Parker’s life. Parker’s dad has been taking Parker fishing since he was young, and he grew a huge passion for it. So when we began dating I decided to give it a chance, and found out I also share the passion.

We have explored lakes and ponds all over Texas ranging from 20 minutes away to 3 hours. We also enjoy traveling which opens more opportunities to fish such as Florida and Mexico.

My favorite part of fishing with Parker is the competition of see who could catch the biggest fish and the more fish. Even though I’m never the winner. I also love the chance to get away and just reconnect and spend quality time with Parker doing something we love.

What do love about running? Why is it an important part of your life?

Running is something that as always been a big part of my life. Whether

I’m training for a race or just running for fun, I love that running allows me to push

myself to be better and in shape. It also allows me the opportunity during the

week to clear my mind from distractions and focus on my upcoming events.

Tell us more about yourself.

As you know I love running, however I also enjoy volunteering at my

church, being active in school clubs, and being adventurous. In my freetime when

I’m not working out or volunteering I enjoy hanging out with my friends, fishing,

hunting, and traveling. I would like to attend college, get my doctorate and

become a pediatric physical therapist. Being a pediatric physical therapist will

allow me to help kids that are in need and hopefully play an inspirational role in

their lives. An important lesson that I would love to teach the kids would be to

never give up and if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything you put

your mind to.

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